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Trees are an integral and beloved feature of both our urban and rural spaces, but not everyone realises just quite how much care and attention they require to thrive. If you are looking for a reliable and highly professional tree specialist in the Cambridge area who can provide a full range of tree-related services, the positive feedback we have received time after time is a testament to the quality of our work.

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Expert Tree Specialists in the Cambridge Area

Healthy trees can grow to a venerable old age, but just like people, they can become sick too. Sometimes they suffer from tree disease, and when there is a risk of branches or even the whole tree falling, they can pose a danger to lives and property and need to be managed properly. If you live in the Cambridge area and face this kind of situation, you need to be able to turn to trusted local specialists who can provide dedicated tree care or tree surgery services.

To keep trees under control and looking the way you want them, they require regular maintenance, which may involve pruning or pollarding. Sometimes, they may also need to be felled and removed entirely, either for safety or aesthetic reasons.

If you require any of these services, along with help with tree planting, tree reports, stump removal or anything else related to trees, our dedicated team of expert arborists and tree surgeons will be able to give you the advice you need.

We provide these and many more tree services within the city of Cambridge and in the surrounding area with the utmost professionalism and excellent customer service.

Tree Felling

There are several reasons for tree removal. Perhaps a tree is old and is now in danger of falling in the next storm. Maybe the tree is interfering with buildings or blocking light. Or it could just be that you have new plans for a space, and it is no longer desirable for the tree to remain.

For whatever reason a tree needs to be removed, our team of experts can offer a tree-felling service that is efficient, professional and unobtrusive.

No matter the size of the tree or the location in or around Cambridge, we will quickly be able to assess the situation and offer the best advice on how to proceed. Smaller trees on open land can simply be cut and let to fall naturally, and this is among the easiest ways of tree felling.

However, within Cambridge itself, this can often be impossible, and trees need to be felled in sections to avoid damaging buildings or other nearby property. This kind of job can be a more delicate operation, but with our experienced team of professionals, we will be able to carry out the work for you, no matter the location and with a minimum of disruption.

Tree Stumps

Once a tree has been removed, there remains the issue of the stump. Although most people only ever see the part of the tree that is above ground, the root system penetrates far below the surface. If you need to remove the stump and the roots, we have the equipment at our disposal in the Cambridge area as well as the expertise to carry out this work for you.

Stump removal

There are many reasons to remove the stump once a tree has been felled. The most obvious is that a large stump left in the middle of your garden can be unsightly and awkward, taking up space that could otherwise be put to much better use.

Furthermore, if a stump is not completely dead, as may happen with certain species, it may send out suckers that continue to grow. Even when completely dead, a root can still be attacked by fungal infection, and for these reasons, it is advisable to remove the stump entirely when a tree is felled.

Finally, if you plan to plant grass or anything else where your tree was growing, it is not enough to simply cut it away down to surface level – you need to remove the main root and fill the hole with new soil. In this case, you will require a professional stump grinding service.

Stump grinding

How to remove the main root of a felled tree depends on the size of the tree that was growing there. The remains of smaller trees can be removed with hand-held tools – but larger stump and root systems need to be ground out by a specialist stump grinder.

No matter the size of your stump, from the smallest to the very largest, we can grind the stump and refill the hole, allowing you to make good use of the land that is left behind.

Tree Pruning

Sometimes trees grow too large, overshadowing your garden and blocking out the light, or sometimes they just begin to look out-of-control and untidy. Trees that are left to grow unmanaged may also become too heavy and more prone to storm damage, and for any of these reasons, they require regular pruning.

Tree pruning is not something that just anybody should attempt. If you cut back too much or take the wrong branches, you may seriously damage or even kill a tree, and when pruning larger trees, falling branches need to be managed safely.

We specialise in all types of pruning in and around Cambridge. For example, crown cleaning involves cutting away dead or dying branches to make the tree safer as well as healthier. Crown lifting involves pruning the lower branches to improve the shape and visual appeal of the tree at the same time as reducing shade. Crown thinning is when branches are cut away to reduce the weight of the tree while retaining its overall shape, while crown reduction is a type of pruning that reduces the ‘volume’ of the tree without spoiling the shape.


Pollarding is similar to pruning but is a specific technique where the main stem of a tree is cut to encourage healthier, bushier growth. Think of pruning houseplants to encourage the growth of a bushier foliage – pollarding is similar to this, only at the scale of a tree.  Our team of professionals are all experienced in the intricate work of pollarding and re-pollarding trees of any size in and around Cambridge.

Tree planting

Another of the services we offer is tree planting, and again, we are specialists in every aspect of this field.

Planting trees is not as simple as planting flowers in your garden, and there are many factors that need to be considered. We offer in-depth consultation, which includes a review of which species will do well in your specific location as well as issues like underground pipes and services. We also know the best suppliers in the Cambridge area and can offer help ordering the trees themselves to ensure you receive the very best specimens.

If you want to plant fully-grown trees, we can also prepare the planting site with the excavation of the hole, and we can take care of transporting the tree to the location. Physically planting a fully-grown tree is no simple task, but with our years of experience and using the most modern equipment, our company will ensure the tree is transplanted to its new home with a minimum of stress for the tree and a low cost for you. Our service also includes filling the ground with the appropriate soil to help your tree take root firmly, as well as any after-service care that is required.

Whether you require a row of small trees planted on a property in or around Cambridge or want a fully-grown tree transported and installed, our specialists will be able to take care of the whole process for you, from the first step to the very last.

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